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How to Schedule or Automatically Wish Birthdays on Facebook  Do you sometimes miss your friends birthday and forget to wish ...

How to Schedule or Automatically Wish Birthdays on Facebook 

Do you sometimes miss your friends birthday and forget to wish him on facebook? Often we forget someone’s birthday and could not wish them by calling them or sending a message. Friends play an important part in your life. I am not going to give a lecture about friends and their importance. But it is always a good habit to keep your friends in touch making them feel you are always there for them in their lives.  In the past, we use to have a lot of time. We even use to create birthday cards for them, visit their home and give surprise gifts. But today in this busy world, it's very difficult to remember small things unless you keep reminders for every task. So how do you keep up with birthday wishes? You can greet them at least on Facebook. Even on Facebook, where not all people logon to their accounts daily, what is the best way to handle this? Yes, you can schedule birthday greetings. So, do you need to remember birthdays of all your Facebook friends? No, here is a good way to automatically post birthday wishes to your friends' timeline. You can schedule a message, when to post and what to post. There is a site which provides this service. You can surprise your friend by wishing him first from all your friends.

How to set-up birthday wishes on facebook

Go to the following website :

Connect your facebook account. All your Facebook contacts will be imported into that site.

Now All the upcoming birthdays will be displayed.
Write your custom birthday message and save it to schedule.
You can write wishes for any number of friends. Now leave it on the site, it will post your message on the specified day on your friends' timeline...
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Five Reasons to Start Meditation within Eternity Today 1.The Easiest Way to Meditate Period. Many people think meditation i...

Five Reasons to Start Meditation within Eternity Today

1.The Easiest Way to Meditate Period.

Many people think meditation is hard to do right or boring. That's because they are practicing outdated methods created for cultures hundreds to thousands of years old. They had less stimulation to compete with and lower education than the average person today. Meditation within Eternity gives you a technique made for maximum results with minimal effort. And it's rewarding to do. You feel it your very first time. The results are immediately noticeable, not something you have to wait months (or years) for. It’s also not one of those silly push-button meditations that supposedly "meditates for you" while listening to sound waves. Those stunt your growth and limit you to the minor effects of each soundtrack. Meditation within Eternity shows you how to enter deep states of meditation on your own, which makes your growth limitless. 2.Gain Unlimited Spiritual Energy

The second technique you'll discover will aid not only your meditation, but any other spiritual or sensory-related activity you try. It is a method you will not find anywhere else. Using this you absorb massive amounts of spiritual energy, which raises your consciousness. Everything spiritual (manifesting, remote viewing, healing, or awakening) requires an exchange of energy. Countless people fail to experience anything after years of spiritual study due to lack of energy alone. This solves that for good (plus, you'll feel amazing.

 3.Achieve Deep Inner Peace and Serenity

Legendary founder of Def Jam records and multi-millionaire entrepreneur Russell Simmons likes to quote an old Zen saying about his meditation practice, "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day, unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour." That's how vital he considers it as part of his day. Countless high-performance entrepreneurs from Simmons to Steve Jobs have said meditation is an essential part of their success. It gives them ideas and, in high-pressure, stressful times: it gives them peace. You may not be running a billion-dollar company but we all have stress. We know emotional turmoil. We seek solace and a clear heart. Meditation within Eternity shows you 2 techniques to improve the flow of your personal energy, release your emotional blocks, and re-balance your energy body for deep, centered peace.

4.Mind-Expanding Experiences

Every human has a natural animal instinct, wrongly labeled the 'sixth sense'. It is actually a 'magnetic sense'. No different than birds, dogs, whales or countless other animals that display acts of heightened awareness we find amazing (such as elephants running away hours before a tsunami strikes, and long before our most advanced monitoring equipment). Meditation within Eternity guides you on how to develop your magnetic sense to have real spiritual experiences. This happens in meditation and when you are wide awake. Heightened awareness allows you to experience elements of reality, and people, that were hidden before and is the source of many mystical tales about the 'powers of yogis'. It isn't a myth or a 'gift' only given to a chosen few. Anyone can develop these skills using the techniques in the book.

 5.Learn to Sense, Feel and Affect Psychic & Metaphysical Energy

 Energy controls, manipulates and directs you every day of your life and 99.9% of people have no idea they are being affected by it. Everything in reality, at its base level, is energy. Places and objects absorb the energy in the environment and become programmed with a frequency, and this frequency broadcasts that program to everything around it. Opening a business where countless other businesses have failed? The emotions of failure are programmed in the structure. Bought a house and suddenly a great relationship went sour with constant fighting? Look at the history and emotions of the previous owners. The energy is still there. Discover how to remove negative energy, and replace it with positive. This valuable lesson: how energy affects you.

An extraordinary person who looks ordinary. Look at this banda... His name is Sunil Singh . Living near Girish Park There is...

An extraordinary person who looks ordinary. Look at this banda...

His name is Sunil Singh. Living near Girish Park There is a small house and a small shop where they sell and sell pots of worship with their hands. You must be wondering what is special about it! Special and very special Sunil Singh, 39, is a man with whom we can learn a lot. Fluctuation, happiness and misery are an integral part of life. Sunil had a younger sister. Name was worship The champions were both brothers and sisters. Specializes in martial arts. They were moving fast on the road to success. There were a lot of dreams in his eyes and the feeling of enhancing the value of the country in the heart. 
It was great that life was on them. Suddenly, all the dreams were shattered. Suddenly, playing pooja reveals the badness of both kidneys. Everything was lost in the treatment of Sunil. Sold out to his house Even after doing all this, the life of worship did not escape. Pooja was just 16 years old at the time of death. Sunil broke away from the death of his beloved sister so that he forgot his career and called martial arts as goodbye. But do not say, those who suffer in life get a chance to get a great return. Gum threw Arjuna and Karam returned after making Dronacharya.  Sunil has returned as a coach in the world of martial arts after eight years and now his trained children are completing their dreams by doing great at national and international level. Sunil trains these children without any fees. Indeed, life gives everyone a second chance.